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We provide remarkable Support Services Our established, dependable service enables you to concentrate on your core business. Read below to discover the exceptional technical support you can expect from IngDev.

Continual Support That You Need

We maintain smooth running of all software applications.

We offer support options to fix bugs and solutions to deal with your future growth needs.

Our selection of packages offers you different levels to suit your company and GUARANTEED RESPONSE TIME WITH OUR UNIQUE SLA’s.

Your important systems are protected with Service Level Agreements. For a fixed fee, our on-site engineers dedicate time to your project each month.

Response times are monitored and we guarantee your mission-critical systems continually run smoothly.

We Offer Flexible Support With Pay-As-You-Go Maintenance

Not all systems need the security that comes with an SLA.

When the need arises, support can be purchased in 10-hour blocks giving you control over how that time is spent.

Time is deducted from your total only when our team makes a change to your software.

Eliminate Downtime and Avoid Unnecessary Disruption

All systems go down intermittently. With application monitoring, our robots are constantly monitoring and checking your status.

If your system fails to respond, our support technicians are electronically notified securing your system back on line.

Our backup routes will recover any critical information in the event of data loss or system breach.

You don’t need to change your business processes; you simply need to transform them.

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Analyse and Develop Your Existing Systems

Prior to any of your systems being automated or improved, your existing processes must first be comprehensively assessed.

In order to streamline your system our experts will need to analyse your existing applications. Subject to analysis we will agree on a road map and time frame to achieve our goals.

Our Team then engineers and implements that solution to meet your objectives.

Make Informed Technological Decisions That Add Value

Making the right high-tech decisions at the right time is key to the lucrativeness and growth of your business.

Our universal experience across countless industries eliminates inefficient or overly complex functions.

Resulting in an aerodynamic business capturing overall productivity and reduced staff training.

Transform Your Failing Projects

You are wasting precious time and money with every second lost to stalled or badly implemented projects.

Our exclusive development software can complete half-finished projects in a fraction of the time that it takes our competitors.

Projects started from scratch will be completed four times quicker than our competitors.

Increase productivity and reliability using automation.

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Expand Productivity Without Adding to Your Expenses

Labour intensive tasks take time. Releasing your staff from the time-consuming daily tasks allows them to add real value to your business.

You can increase your employee productivity by as much as 80% following a customised system overhaul.

Achieving immeasurably more without upping your headcount naturally saves costs.

Increase Job Satisfaction and Decrease Staff Resignation Rate

Staff repeating the same uneconomical, tedious tasks every day affects morale.

Deterring your staff from participating in more thought-provoking or challenging aspects of their work reduces job satisfaction.

Computerising tasks improves moral and reduces staff turnover so you spend less time and money recruiting and training new members of staff.

Launch your product effortlessly and efficiently on any platform.

Get Your Product to Market Without Delay

At the point of launching a product, the time to market is key.

The speed of delivery can be the difference between success and failure.

Our exclusive IT tools develop web-based applications 4 times faster than our competitors.

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Expand Your Customer Communication Using The Cloud

Trading your product as software as a service (SaaS) has multiple advantages.

Your customers will pay a reduced rate to access this browser-based software in the cloud.

And with zero installation, it is simpler for you to upgrade and improve the service.

Interact With Your Customers Across any Medium

The internet has revolutionised the way businesses engage with their customers.

Customers are now just as likely to be viewing your content on a tablet or smartphone as they are on a PC.

Using Web-based architecture and responsive designs enables your software to shine no matter how customers connect.

Appreciate Future Enhancements And Long-Term Support

It is imperative to maintain and update software to satisfy the requirements of your users.

Providing unprecedented functionality for their fluctuating demands can be a challenge.

Our established, dependable support enables you to concentrate on your core business without worrying about enhancements.

Consolidate your business to save time and stimulate growth

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Eradicate the Errors That are Costing Your Business

Regardless of which industry you work in, streamlining your processes makes them more robust.

Computerising routine tasks will help eradicate both the negligible and substantial mistakes produced by human error.

Less mistakes mean less problems to sort out, saving you time and money.

Eradicate Micro-Management by Empowering Your Staff

Employee working hours count as one of your most valuable resources. An automated work flow solution ensures all staff understand their role.

Alerts assist employees in staying abreast of their duties without missing important tasks. This releases supervisors from time-consuming micromanagement.

Customised software is also user-friendlier so your staff spend less time training and more time implementing.

Identify and Resolve the Obstructions in Your Business

As soon as processes are automated, they are easier to analyse.

Focussing on this data reveals where systems are working and, more importantly, where they are not, and identifying problems you may not have anticipated.

Customised software additionally adapts more easily to future challenges making your business extra scalable and equipped for growth.

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Organise Your Data so it Works Harder for You

In your business, Information is power. Yet crucial data can be dispersed across individual PCs or buried in filing cabinets.

Prosperous forward-thinking businesses need to access this information, search it and learn from it.

With a custom-tailored database, all users access the same date in a single location. This guarantees your team are always working with the most current information.

Check How Your Business Is Performing Instantly

Not only do databases store data, they also organise and analyse it.

Data can be displayed as graphics or text reports, providing you with an instantaneous snapshot of your business projection.

Checking historical data also displays important trends, serving to identify key clients and customers.

Securely Control Who Can Access Your Data

Positioning data in one location does not suddenly make this accessible to everyone.

You control who views the data.

You determine the access users need to perform their role.

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Access Vital Information Anytime, Anywhere

Hunting for paperwork or emailing a colleague for a report is a time-consuming activity of the past.

As soon as your business-critical data has been digitised, it is accessible anywhere and at any time employing a web-based interface.

Placing your data into the hands of the correct people creates a clear business advantage over your competitors.

Empower everyone who connects to your business.

Customer Gateway: Transform the Customer Experience

Never before have customers been so connected, across social media and beyond. A dedicated portal enables you to engage with them 24/7.

Responding swiftly to customer demands increases satisfaction, improving retention.

Signing enquiries off promptly also helps reduce support costs.

Increase sales across the globe.

Drive New Revenue With On-Line Sales

A whole new clientele opens up with 24/7 access to your online business.

Engage your target customers by making it easier to buy your products.

Induce sales with a custom-tailored e-commerce website highlighting new products or promotional materials.

Capability to accept online payments is crucial for any e-commerce website.

Completely customised software allows you to sell in different languages and currencies with shipping worldwide.

We research who is the best payment provider for you, based on commission rates and currency support.

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Link Your Online Business to Your Existing Business

Expanding into online sales does not create an extra layer of responsibility.

We build custom-tailored software with each individual system designed to talk to each other automatically, so it makes perfect sense to connect the online shop to your existing applications.

Our comprehensive order processing, stock management and customer support will reduce your overall operational costs.

Researching and Identify Your Customers

As soon as you digitise your sales, you will find a plethora of information available about your customers.

A digital management platform offers more effective analytics to assist triggering of repeat business.

Employing real-time reporting also provides you with an instant snapshot of your stock inventory and overall sales.

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Find Out More

Do you need support with a SAP or Micro Focus audit, development & integration of a fully functioning API, a web application or new custom database? Whatever the requirement, we are happy to offer you some no-obligation advice.

Contact us in the first instance via our contact form, by email hello@Ingdev.co.uk or telephone on 0800 6349824.

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