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Our 9 Step Process

Our process is simple, yet functional every step of the way. We start with the end goal in mind, a satisfied client and that we remain their number one choice.

Every project is different, and our team is extremely thorough when planning for the specific needs of each project in order to give the best advice moving forward.

Workflow Index

  1. Initial Enquiry
  2. First Client Discussions
  3. Detailed Costings & Timescales
  4. Information Gathering
  5. Customer Proposal
  6. Development & Testing
  7. Integration
  8. Ongoing Support
  9. New Enquiry

Initial Enquiry

We can be contacted by phone, email hello@Ingdev.co.uk or our online enquiry form. This will give us a high level view of what you are trying to achieve and place us where we need to be and to give the best overall idea of what resources will be required for the project. We just need to know what you need and how you need it to work for you.

First Client Discussion

Within 24 hours, an experienced member of the correct team will contact you to arrange a call that will last as long as is necessary – usually around 20-30 minutes. This is a basic fact finding call to get a better understanding of what it is you exactly require and to give you the best advice moving forward. We welcome questions to help you get a better understanding of how we work and also to possibly point out things that may not have been initially apparent to you.

Detailing of Costs & Timescales

Probably the most important factors to most of our clients are what are the costs involved and how long will the project take to completion.

At this stage of the project it would be too early to give you a comprehensive breakdown that would be set in stone due to the variables that need to be accounted for. But what we can do is give you a good estimate of the parameters for the costs and the timescale based on previous comparable projects.

Information Gathering

Primarily, there has to be a discussion and a decision on what will outline the MVP (minimal viable product) for the project.

Once we have decided upon this, we have a number of ways in which we gather the necessary data and lay out the schematics for the technicals – most of which will be dependent upon the clients involvement and knowledge of what is required. The best approach we find is use our own in-house method that looks at it from the overall high-level ideas, then breaks down the granularity of each part to create an easy to follow roadmap.

Customer Proposal

Once we have gathered all the necessary information required and made a detailed technical assessment, we will present a comprehensive overview that will provide:

  • A detailed breakdown in costs
  • The time it will take to complete
  • The objective milestones along the way
  • The framework and tools we will use develop the project

Development & Testing

We will now internally create an FSD (Functional Specification Document) and a communications and access portal for your teams to access whenever required to check on the progress and any updates that are being made. We will assign a project manager who will update and work with you to asses at each stage of development where we are and that you are happy with what is being built.

We understand that some minor changes required from yourselves that might need to be made during this period, but don’t worry, we will have planned for this in the proposal. We don’t see variables or change as a bad thing as long as it is planned carefully and with due process.


Once the development and full testing stages in a pre-production environment that mirrors your working systems are over and we are completely and 100% happy with the build, we will then move onto the integration with your current platform in a controlled and methodical manner.

Ongoing Support

As is standard practise with us, we will support all new software development projects for free over a 3 month period as per our standard service level agreement’s.

This will include full technical support from our staff during the working week that will cover every possible eventuality.

New Enquiry

Over time we have built up many long term working relationships with our clients and in many cases have served as a development and support partner for quite a few years. Our adjustable approach has ensured that we not only move with the times to provide updates and allow further expansion to their businesses, but also that we remain their number one choice when looking at new system developments and opportunities.

Call us for a no obligation chat and join us, Here at IngDev, we would love to work with you.


Our Existing Frameworks Save You Time And Money

Over the years we have put together our development experience and created a comprehensive software module library that can be reused to save new projects valuable time and money. This ensures there is no unnecessary wasting of precious resources on development that is already available and tested. Give IngDev a call and we can talk though how we can help.

Call us on 0800 6349824 or Email hello@Ingdev.co.uk. Alternatively send us a message via the contact page.

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