SAP License Management

SAP License Management

SAP License Management is the one thing all the licensing specialists at IngDev have in common: they have all worked in SAP Licensing, Audit Defence and Asset Management for major, global, multi-national companies. In doing so, they have each gained a deep understanding of what is involved in SAP audits, how settlements are reached, and the different licensing models involved. The advice and feedback you receive from us will always be strictly impartial due to us not being hampered in any way with affiliations or third-party partnerships with SAP or its related resellers.

Our Main Goal

IngDev was conceived from the necessity to counteract SAP’s increasing auditing practices that has seen a continual rise in unplanned and unwanted licensing fees for our clients. Not only do we provide free consultation for new customers, but we also give pragmatic and feasible support for clients looking to reduce their post-audit culpability.

Our main goal is to shift the emphasis of our client’s software licensing agreements back into the favour of the customer rather than the vendor. A lot of our customers are truly global in size and reach, ranging from international shipping companies, major retailers and large pharmaceutical and petrochemical companies. Nearly all of these organisations have been impacted by a rise in the frequency of SAP audits and the demands to pay excessive licence and support fees.

It is during these audits when IngDev have been called in to assist with the verification of the SAP results and we have continually delivered major savings for our clients.

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Recognised Certified Experts

IngDev provides the necessary IP, legal and commercial knowledge needed to reduce the licensing costs associated with SAP compliance during an audit. We are totally independent meaning we are free of any third-party affiliations and more importantly, we are experts in our field. We have wide-ranging real-world experience of complex SAP environments in multiple industries.

After performing a SAP audit or true up, many of our potential customers suddenly encounter an immediate demand for outstanding and unexpectedly new high fees. Here at IngDev we meet those demands head-on opposing any legal supposition with experience that allows us to negotiate on a client’s behalf to either drastically reduce or negate these new fees completely.

IngDev is not just a basic SAP audit defence company. We are a highly adept team that reduces clients often-seemingly unfair SAP Licensing fees that constantly arise due to the complicated nature of SAP licencing and the implication of Indirect Access.

Not only do we fully understand what is required from the start, but once our experienced and qualified technical team that have summarised a pre-audit report, we have an entire legal team on hand to negotiate each case. This ensures every one of our clients pay the absolute minimum while driving on-going efficiencies in all future SAP licencing spend.

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Do you need support with a SAP or Micro Focus audit, development & integration of a fully functioning API, a web application or new custom database? Whatever the requirement, we are happy to offer you some no-obligation advice.

Contact us in the first instance via our contact form, by email hello@Ingdev.co.uk or telephone on 0800 6349824.

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