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SAP License License Auditing

SAP License Auditing can be a very daunting prospect especially when you realise that a large percentage of SAP’s revenues come from their audits. IngDev specialises in SAP audit defence, licence optimisation and commercial negotiation. We are entirely independent, that means driving cost savings for our clients is our sole focus.

We employ our proven certified expertise alongside our qualified legal, contractual and commercial experience to dramatically reduce license costs for each and every one of our customers.

A single oversight with SAP license management can inadvertently result in huge, unplanned costs for your business. SAP’s compulsory auditing of its software licensing structure ensures it is aimed at extracting the maximum amount of revenue from its continually increasing licensing fees. It is in this climate that IngDev specialists can provide a robust defence to safeguard client’s positions while providing strategies for optimising future consumption of SAP intellectual property, ensuring our clients don’t spend a penny more than they absolutely need to.

Over 30 Years of Combined Experience

Using our vast wealth of industry-leading knowledge and mediation practices, we can dissect both the technical and contractual aspects of any SAP audit activity removing the fear, uncertainty and doubt from the commercial negotiations.

By following this business model we have been able to continually save tens of millions in unnecessary fees for our clients. We have no affiliation to any 3rd party company or vendor, we don’t sell over-priced and complicated software options that fall short of their objectives, nor are we partnered to anyone else. Thus, being strictly independent allows us to concentrate our efforts 100% on our clients and the job in-hand.

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Unmatched in the Industry


Being UK based we understand what is required from our customers as the UK has some of the strictest Commercial, Financial and Intellectual Property laws in the world. With this recognition we have built up a customer base with vast operations on a truly global scale.

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Why Choose IngDev?

We Are 100% Independent:

Unlike others, we are not a reseller or partner - but a legitimate independent service solution provider.

Huge Financial Reductions:

Through contracted negotiations and our qualified expertise in IP law, we ensure that you will never pay anything unnecessary. In fact, we can guarantee a major reduction in your expected current costs.

Industry-Acknowledged Expertise:

Our main services combine a plethora of contract knowledge, bespoke technical experience and in-depth commercial savvy on a level that is truly world class.

Safeguard Your Rapport:

IngDev understands fully the need to preserve the relationship you have with your software provider. Acting as the agent on behalf of your company, we can do this in a professional and uncomplicated manner while maintaining utmost discretion.

We’re on Your Side – Always:

With our seasoned experience, IngDev is fully aware of the major obstacles involved with SAP auditing and removes these difficulties with ease.

Full Protection:

Throughout the entire process, we ensure that your contractual obligations and support is never impacted in any way. You’ll have complete protection from program termination or removal of support during the entire process.

Extremely Satisfied Customers

Since our inception, our teams have saved tens of millions for our clients and we guarantee to save you money!


Do You Need Us?

Require Audit Defence? Contact us for help to reduce and unburden your SAP license fees.

Contact us in the first instance via our contact form, by email hello@Ingdev.co.uk or telephone on 0800 6349824.

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