SAP Audit Management

Our 9 Step Process

Our process is simple, yet functional every step of the way. We start with the end goal in mind, a satisfied client and that we remain their number one choice.

Every project is different, and our team is extremely thorough when planning for the specific needs of each project in order to give the best advice moving forward.

Workflow Index

  1. Initial Enquiry
  2. Client Discussion & Landscape Evaluation
  3. Customer Proposal Set Out & Delivered
  4. Data Gathering
  5. Analysis of Contractual Material
  6. Analysis of Sap Consumption Information
  7. Creation of Consolidated Current State of ELP (Effective Licence Position)
  8. Recommendations for Optimisation, Audit Defence or Process Improvements Made to Customer
  9. Ongoing Support & Advice

Initial Enquiry

In the first instance, we can be contacted by phone, email hello@Ingdev.co.uk or our online enquiry form. This will give us a high level view of what is required, where you are audit-wise and which of our team we will need to inform of your enquiry to be able to assign the necessary resources. We simply need to know what you need and how we can help you.

Client Discussion & Landscape Evaluation

A member of IngDev’s SAP License Management team will contact you to arrange a call that usually lasts around 45 minutes. This involves us asking a number of questions to allow us to evaluate your business landscape to get a better understanding of what is required and to give you impartial and independent advice moving forward. We would welcome any questions you may have to help you get a better understanding of how we work and can also make clear things that you may not have thought would have been an option to you.

Customer Proposal Set Out & Delivered

An important stage to most of our customers where we will be recommending which of our services we would offer, be it audit defence services, license optimisation, renewal support, legal evaluations or other.

At this stage we can usually give a good estimate of the cost parameters and the timescale based on our expectations

Data Gathering

There are a number of ways in which we can gather the necessary data and plan out the technical schematics. We can either gather the required information by coming to you on-site or doing it remotely – whichever works best.

Analysis of Contractual Material

Once all the necessary data has been gathered, our IP law experts will inspect your contractual obligations at a very granular level to produce a detailed overview for our technical team to work with.

Analysis of SAP Consumption Information

We use our expertise by employing the inbuilt functionality of SAP to extract the usage data from each system. Once we have done this we take it and consolidate it into a holistic view.

Creation of Consolidated Current State of ELP (Effective Licence Position)

We take the holistic system data we extract from step 6 and reconcile that information we have gathered against the licences owned to create a very detailed single page summary of compliance, also known as an ELP (effective licence position).

Recommendations for Optimisation, Audit Defence or Process Improvements Made to Customer

Once we have consolidated the current state of the ELP, we are able to then create highly effective custom recommendations for our clients to reduce their costs, curtail any non-compliance licence liabilities and put the appropriate optimised processes in place providing the best cost-efficiency for future SAP licencing.

Ongoing Support & Advice

We understand what is required to build up long term working relationships with our clients and in many cases we serve as the ‘go-to’ support partner for them. Our trustworthiness for results ensures that we not only have to move in pace with SAP’s almost constant changes to their licensing, but also that we remain our clients number one choice when looking at SAP License management and license optimisation services.

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Specialised Knowledge

Each and every single member of our IP & Software licensing team has an extensive background in enterprise SAP auditing gathered whilst working for a number of multinational billion dollar global companies. Not only do they understand standard in-depth the licensing practices of SAP audit management, but they have helped shaped the legislation and future legal decisions now made on fee payments. It is this specialised knowledge that allows us to navigate through the minefield of contractual options that are available with ease. Not only can we advise on the best options when it come to current software optimisation, but we can also help devise an approach that will incorporate SAP’s design for a future blueprint.

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IngDev Guarantees to Provide Clients With:

  • Fully independent In-house expertise of the SAP software licencing agreement.
  • An intricate comprehension of SAP’s commercial framework and its associated issues.
  • A prominent industry recognised technical expertise to determine the capacity of your usage and how a slight configuration change can cause a dramatic reduction in your overall expenditure.

These Guarantees Will Provide You With:

  • An enhancement to your SAP licence contractual details.
  • The pinpointing of any commercial and contractual liabilities.
  • The reduction of any potential exposure.
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SAP Audit Management Specialist’s

We only specialise in one thing – SAP Audit Management and its effects, it is our business to be the best. IngDev’s SAP licensing & audit management team is made up purely of IT specialist’s, contractual legal experts and people with a very high IP commercial authority.

Call us on 0800 6349824 or Email hello@Ingdev.co.uk. Alternatively send us a message via the contact page.

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