SAP Audit Defence

SAP Audit Defense

A good SAP audit defense is not just advised but absolutely essential. SAP, like all software vendors, are fiercely protective of their intellectual property. Understandably so as they spend billions of Euros each year on research and development creating market leading products.

Over the past decade auditing has become a key strategic practice of SAP. Auditing can account for as much as 40% of SAP’s revenues in any given year and this has led to audit teams at SAP being set aggressive sales targets.

Auditing is a sales tactic

When combined with the poorly scripted and ambiguous contractual terminology in their license agreements SAP customers can often find themselves being asked for large, unplanned settlement figures for identified non-compliance.

This is where IngDev can help. With our commercial acumen, expertise in IP law and technical awareness we can verify any findings made by SAP, we can scrutinize SAP’s declared position, challenging both the technical and contractual detail and in doing so delivering value for our clients.

As is evident, we are in no way connected to SAP or affiliated to any of its partners, we are truly independent and transparent in our approach. Our sole responsibility is to our clients and reducing or removing any exposure is our primary goal.

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Our Approach to SAP Auditing

Better than anyone, we comprehend fully how SAP’s licensing can result in huge sudden requests for payments beyond the scope of what was originally agreed. SAP, like many other multi-billion dollar software companies, is in the constant process of re-evaluating its objectives and strategies in pursuit of increased revenues. Auditing has proven to be a very profitable practice and while we fully understand these practices, we believe there needs to be a response for customers to provide protection from these actions – IngDev SAP License Services is the answer to this necessity.

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Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt

We recognise the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) that enables SAP customers to be pressured into settlement agreements, this can be caused by:

  • Erratic translation of contractual agreement that sees a simple yet small change to implementation cause a huge and sudden request for an unfair outstanding payment.
  • Verbal agreements for exclusion from penalty's by SAP that results in legal and contractual uncertainty as to where a customer actually stands.
  • Emphasis by SAP that its view on contract licensing agreements in the only one that counts.
  • Indirect access server action generating jobs in the system creating higher license fees.
  • Integration of new applications causing automated demand for added licence fees.
  • Non-consensual assignment of current configuration to new systems.
  • An almost total dependence on online information, updated advice and technical documentation to change the interpretation of previous license context.
  • Requests being made for penalty-payments with no appropriate reduction discounts being granted or applied as is normal in the industry.
  • High-pressure targeting of users to migrate to SAP’s cloud-based ERP system.
  • IngDev is completely autonomous to SAP with no affiliation to its resellers or any of its partner programmes.
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Talk to IngDev

Contact us immediately if you have been selected for an audit by SAP or its partners. We can walk you through the process and help minimise any potential labilities.

Our team comprises of highly skilled, experienced software asset managers, software engineers, project managers and a dedicated IP contractual and legal department with decades of industry experience.

Our emphasis is on reduction of client costs and maximisation of efficiency to increase overall return on investments.

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Find Out More

Do you need a critical software solution integrating into a SAP system or an application developing that may need specialised SAP license optimisation? Whatever the requirement, we are more than happy to give you some no-obligation advice

Contact us in the first instance via our contact form, by email hello@Ingdev.co.uk or telephone on 0800 6349824.

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