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A Micro Focus Audit can be very challenging. IngDev’s experts have decades of experience in working on the most complex Micro Focus environments tackling some of the most difficult compliance situations.

The Micro Focus product list consists of identity security tools, COBOL, mainframe solutions, IT operations management tools, host connectivity, collaboration and networking solutions.

Many Micro Focus products are now legacy and coupled with the ambiguous contracts that were often written over a decade ago the compliance landscape can be difficult for customers to navigate.

Audit Defence is an Essential Skill

According to ‘The Campaign for Clear Licencing’ Micro Focus came in third (behind only Oracle and IBM) as the most unhelpful software publisher in an audit with businesses citing such tactics as them using aggressive behaviour and focusing only on short-term revenue.

The complex technical Micro Focus landscape which arises from a software publisher which has grown through acquisition when combined with aged, poorly scripted and ambiguous contractual terminology often leaves customers unwittingly exposed to large financial penalties.

This is where IngDev can help, with our expertise in Micro Focus contractual framework and terminology, IP law and deep technical understanding we can verify and scrutinize any findings made by Micro Focus. Challenging both the technical and contractual positions we can deliver exceptional value to our clients.

IngDev is in no way connected to Micro Focus or any of its affiliates or partners, we are truly independent which means our sole responsibility is to find optimal outcomes for our clients.

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Our Approach to Micro Focus Auditing

Whether it’s Micro Focus COLBOL, Attachmate Rumba or HP Operations Manager we comprehend fully how Micro Focus aggressive auditing can result in sudden requests for large unbudgeted payments. IngDev understands the need for Micro Focus to carry out customer audits and respects the protection of intellectual property. The tactic of interpreting both technical and contractual information in a way which is unfairly favourable to Micro Focus however, has created both the scope and the need to challenge all findings.

IngDev has an established and proven methodology for challenging both the technical and contractual data, removing the fear, uncertainty and doubt and putting the customer back in the driving seat of the commercial negotiation.

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Decades of Combined Experience

Using our vast wealth of industry leading knowledge and mediation practices, IngDev can dissect both the technical and contractual aspects of any Micro Focus audit activity, removing the fear and uncertainty from the commercial negotiations.

By following a well established model, IngDev’s consultants have saved millions of pounds in unnecessary licence and support fees. Being UK based, IngDev understands the intricacies of UK IP law and what is required to counter claims made against its customers by Micro Focus.

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