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IBM Licensing and Audit Services

IBM Licensing and Auditing techniques require decades of practise working on the most complex IBM environments. IngDev’s consultants have the in-depth experience that is needed to tackle even the most difficult compliance situations.

IBM’s most high value products are sold using the PVU and RVU metrics which were developed to measure software usage in the modern virtualised world. These metrics, combined with the tools which IBM mandates that customers use, make licencing these products and keeping them compliant both challenging and complex.

Auditing is Used to Pressure Customers Into Upgrades

IBM tend to use either KPMG or Deloitte to carry out the auditing of their customers; in the first instance customers will usually receive a letter from IBM notifying them of an audit and introducing one of these accountancy firms as ‘independent third party auditors’. Nothing could be further from the truth as these companies are paid by IBM to carry out the audit and are paid once again if they identify any non-compliance.

The complex technical IBM landscape combined with the complexities of PVU and RVU licencing and the contractual obligation to run ILMT (IBM Licence Management Tool) often leaves customers unwittingly exposed to large financial penalties.

This is where IngDev can help, with our expertise in IBM contractual framework and terminology, IP law and deep technical understanding we can verify and scrutinize any findings made by KPMG or Deloitte. By challenging both the technical and contractual positions we can deliver exceptional value to our clients.

IngDev is in no way connected to IBM, KPGM or Deloitte or any of their affiliates or partners, we are truly independent which means our sole responsibility is to find optimal outcomes for our clients. It is vital that you don’t liaise with a reseller when trying resolve a compliance situation; resellers are contractually obligated to inform IBM of any such activity and are rewarded when they do so.

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Our Approach to IBM Auditing

Whether it’s WebSphere, Broker or Domino Server we comprehend fully how IBM’s aggressive auditing can result in sudden requests for large unbudgeted payments. IngDev understands the need for IBM to carry out customer audits and respects the protection of intellectual property. The tactic of interpreting both technical and contractual information in a way which is unfairly favourable to IBM however, has created both the scope and the need to challenge all findings.

IngDev has an established and proven methodology for challenging both the technical and contractual data, removing the fear, uncertainty and doubt and putting the customer back in the driving seat of the commercial negotiation.

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Decades of Combined Experience

Using our vast wealth of industry leading knowledge and mediation practices, IngDev can dissect both the technical and contractual aspects of any IBM audit activity, removing the fear and uncertainty from the commercial negotiations.

By following a well established model, IngDev’s consultants have saved millions of pounds in unnecessary licence and support fees. Being UK based, IngDev understands the intricacies of UK IP law and what is required to counter claims made against its customers by IBM.

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