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IngDev Custom Databases

Our speciality lies in the creation of custom databases that help businesses to run more commercially effective while improving the viability of critical operational processes.

Well Designed & Well Planned

We can help provide the availability of the necessary data required by your workforce that allows a smoother and more simplistic overall operation helping to drive business development ideas forward. Having this important information to hand is critical to a company’s growth.

A well designed and planned out customised database with an optimised hierarchical layout allows the joining together of crucial information between the plethora of commonly-used software applications a company uses. It is this functionality that often provides a decisive business improvement and turns out to be a major asset to many of the clients we work with.

The tried and tested skills we possess for creating custom database designs makes use of our experience and adaptability. We are adept at providing results for a range of requirements such as on-site to cloud hosted whilst incorporating for both mobile and desktop usage when offline as well as online. That extensive sphere provides the ability to access the right information anywhere in the world for not just your workforce and management teams, but for your clients as well – on whatever device available to them.

One of our main aims has always been to exceed expectations set by our clients – especially where privacy and security are concerned in conjunction with a dependence on a robust and stable platform. We think we have achieved that every single time. We are completely at ease working with some of the leading database management systems such as MS SQL Server and MongoDB to a very high level.

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The Way We Work

Primarily, we need to have an exploratory discussion to find out exactly what your requirements and expectations are in specific detail. This will cover who will be using the database and for what, what your infrastructure is and what updates you intend to perform in future. We will need to ascertain the differing user-groups and what access levels would be required by them along with projected expansion in size and users in the foreseeable future. Once we have these basics we can progress on to creating then discussing a high-level plan for a custom design that will suit your needs.

If you think you already know what you require and can fill in most of these blanks, we can go through a modified or watered-down version of these discussions. We always find this usually brings up one or two points that may have been missed or not planned for and that our experience pinpoints and can help focus on. This is what we are here for and paid to do and its where our years of knowledge pay off for our customers.

The completion of these discussions and enquiries will result in a very precise and meticulous breakdown of what is required whether it be a cloud based solution, a local database, an Integrated partnership database with similar interfaces, tools and responses or a centralised database with localised user-group access specific to geographic locations or different business areas.

Whatever is required, the outcome of the database functionality will be one that is not just fit for purpose, but one that is user-friendly and secure that allows access to the complete scope of information your users will need. Along with this we can very easily create simple web based apps that can integrate and be accessed via any device, thus potentially helping drive a major increase in revenues to your business.

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Database Correction

We don’t just specialise in creating new databases for clients, but very often are asked to tale a look at issues with existing ones that are causing businesses headaches and ultimately lost revenues. We guarantee that we can help to rectify these often common problems seen by many companies today. Issues such as incorrect software usage or where the database is incomplete or even a miscommunication with the existing developers meaning they no longer work on it are all quite common.

Legacy Database Updates

We are very often asked to update and migrate data from an older systems while retaining the original data structure – or even making improvements to it before syncing it to a newer one. This is a very common situation to us and we understand the highly in-depth intricacies involved in such work.

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Do You Need Us?

Time is needed to think about the situation you are currently in. DO you need a new custom designed database? Do you need to just upgrade or improve the one you have at present? Whatever the requirement, we are more than happy to give you some no-obligation advice.

Contact us in the first instance via our contact form, by email hello@Ingdev.co.uk or telephone on 0800 6349824.

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