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IngDev provide perfect API development with seamless integration that will allow your software platform to connect with 3rd party apps.

Nowadays, many businesses use more than a single software application to manage internal operations and there’s a high possibility that the apps you use don’t integrate and speak to each other. The result is that data has to be shared manually which in turn increases the input error meaning more work and slower processes.

The one obvious recommended solution are API’s – (application programming interfaces) that can connect your applications to other important areas of your business such as shipping and payment systems. This allows all your business applications to communicate allowing staff or customers to access just one system that in turn increases efficiency saving time and just as importantly, money.

Examples of API’s in Today’s World Of Business

Nearly all modern software apps today are cloud hosted and will provide their own API’s as a standard procedure. IngDev utilises various API’s through its in-house operational systems which we make use of to provide an automated system as much as is possible. For instance, we use Slack as an internal messaging system that has its own API called Slack API. For our project management we employ a commonly used system called Trello that also has its own API called Trello API and for collecting information we make use of Googles own Google forms with its own – you guessed it – Google forms API.

We could mention many more and nearly all have their own API’s as standard which we in turn will make use of and have ‘speak’ to each other.

For instance, any tickets raised by our clients may need work to be carried out internally and so we would request that our client support team support fills in a Google form. Once that form is completed, 2 things will happen. The first is that a message will be sent out over Slack to the pertinent support people informing them that a client has raised a ticket and it will need to be dealt with. Then a Trello card will be raised on an internal client support board that will allow and assist the teams to discuss and resolve the issue and let everyone know it has been created. This card on the Trello board will be linked back to the originating ticket system through its API for complete accountability and traceability. As the Trello board is updated, so is the original ticket and a message is broadcast over the Slack messaging system that it has an update, all of which keeps the customer and internal teams up to date with any progress without the need for manual input that can easily result in someone forgetting to do so or any errors being made.

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API’s as Products

There has become almost a standardised way of creating and integrating API’s that have become very useful and effective. These off-the-shelf API’s have great use when it comes to reducing cost and time for a customer than otherwise having to write one from a blank canvas.

What We Will Do For You ‑ Our Promise To You

A major part of what we do as a software development company when we create an API for a business, is to follow a tried and tested route that works and is beneficial first and foremost to you as the client. That procedure entails such action as making sure that any API we are offering to build is not already available as an off-the-shelf package to drastically reduce cost and timescales. If and where possible this would always be our primary option. We ensure that all API’s we build are fully tested for functionality and documented with each version listed making sure that anyone wanting to use the API can do so in confidence and with ease.

There is a possibility that as a company you may not have given thought to how developing and integrating an API could be beneficial to your business. The automating of both simple and more complex tasks is a real economic and time saving solution that can not only increase revenues dramatically but also reduce unnecessary team processes dramatically.

Well developed API’s are an important feature in the development of almost all integrated applications. If the design and use is applied correctly, then it assists the entire system to run smoothly, faster and in a much more economical way. Similar to how a car runs better under arctic conditions if it were improved with a better fuel delivery system, braking system and snow tyres, no need to change the entire car, just modify and improve the smaller points that require change to suit the change to the environment.

IngDev have the experience to advise and guide you through the complete process from primary stages of investigative designs to a fully functioning and integrated working API. Why not give us a call on 00800 6349824 to discuss exactly how we can help you and your business, or fill in the contact form and we will contact you.


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