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About IngDev

IngDev are a totally independent, UK based Software Development and IT Asset Management consultancy with an emphasis on innovation and driving customer success.

IngDev was forged from the idea that the traditional way of working was no longer fit for purpose; businesses want to decrease costs and maximise profits while employees want greater flexibility with where and when they work.

At IngDev we understand the challenge enterprises have of finding the crucial technical talent required to carry out complex and demanding tasks. Our mission is to bridge that gap by putting skilled individuals into environments where they can deliver maximum benefit for minimum cost.

Our Team

Our team comprises of highly experienced Program Managers, Software Developers, IT Asset Managers, Licensing Specialists and Project Managers who combined have decades of experience building and delivering custom Software Development and ITAM Projects into the world’s biggest organisations.

Company Benchmark

Poorly implemented ITAM or a designed or integrated software application can have significant unplanned financial impact to business. That is why we endeavour to deliver a high-end quality service to our customers which both protects their existing technology investments while optimising all future spend.

We use mature technical auditing procedures, sophisticated coding ethics, commercial design and contractual engineering experience alongside regular routine reviews to ensure customer satisfaction.

Knowledge & Skill

Our Program Managers and Software Developers have a broad range of technical skills, from coding in languages including Python, PHP, Java, .NET, ABAP and C∓C++ to building and administering database technologies SQL, Oracle, HANA, Mongo and DB2. We specialise in bespoke API development and system integration as well web and mobile applications.

As well as being ITAM and SAM experts our IT Asset Managers and Licensing Specialists have a deep technical knowledge of all tier one software publishers. These include, but are not limited to, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP, VMware, CA Technologies, Micro Focus, Quest and Symantec. Using a combination of experience and knowledge in both intellectual property law and software contracts as well as a deep technical understanding of how the software is utilised, they have successfully defended countless audits from the most predatory of publishers saving organisations millions of pounds

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Our Ethos

At IngDev we are always focused on the customer: exceeding expectations and delivering world class service is at the forefront of everything we do. Whether we are building a custom software development solution or defending an audit, an exceptional level of communication builds trust and leads to optimal outcomes for our customers. We pride ourselves on our integrity, our professionalism and our high standards that we work diligently to maintain.

Cost Efficiency

The way we work at IngDev is unique; unlike our competitors we don’t waste money on expensive offices or company vehicles. Our model allows us access to some of the best talent in the industry without passing on exorbitant costs to our customers. Our cloud-based approach means we can support our clients around the clock to deliver world class service.

Delivery Time

We have built robust time constraints into completion of all tasks. Our Project Managers accurately project the amount of time the team need to meet any deadlines. Meeting our goals in a timely fashion is what sets us aside from our competitors. If your requirement is time-critical we are the company to speak to.

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Continued Support

Part of the service we offer is ongoing support during yearly audits and maintenance of your systems. We provide a number of alternative support packages depending of your level of technical need but regardless of which support package you choose we guarantee consistent continuity and swift, exclusive assistance optimising results and up-to-date progress reports.

Loyalty & Obligation

Our clients enjoy the protection to secure their investments with our company as we are based in the UK and are accountable under English Law. Our contracts are legal and binding and we are corporally accountable for successful delivery.

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Do you need support with a SAP or Micro Focus audit, development & integration of a fully functioning API, a web application or new custom database? Whatever the requirement, we are happy to offer you some no-obligation advice.

Contact us in the first instance via our contact form, by email hello@Ingdev.co.uk or telephone on 0800 6349824.

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